What is Cloud Shared Hosting for Website

The Benefits Of Cloud Shared Hosting For Website

Cloud Hosting is an online computing resource that comes from a pool of physical servers bounded as one single system. Cloud shared hosting can give users more benefits despite having a lot of website sitting together. Whereas Shared hosting is a type of web hosting where a single physical servers host multiple sites. Therefore reducing the rent cost by paying together.

While cloud hosting allows your site to be hosted on multiple servers, this means that it can adjust to traffic spikes without interfering with other websites. It is, however, takes much a complex approach where multiple servers hardware pools their resources together and cooperate to host countless websites.

How Cloud Hosting Differs From Traditional Hosting?

In traditional hosting, your website is hosted on a single server on the same network as the others. That means your website and other websites are all sitting on one physical computer. Therefore, whenever one of those websites is creating a fatal problem, your website will absolutely be dragged as well.

Resource Overload also possible as a lot of people sharing that computing resources such as Disk Space, RAM, CPU, etc. It is also bad if one person happens to have a popular website on that server, the performance of the overall server can degrade affecting your website as well.

Cloud Hosting Can Improve The Overall Performance

In a cloud hosting environment, a website is hosted on a separated virtualization system. Consider, there might be 15 different servers (physical computers) and on those 15 servers, all websites hosted by the same company. Therefore, your website is hosted on such a huge single network system with massive flexible resources. Any problem related to other customers won’t ever bother your virtualization system at all.

Benefits Of Cloud Hosting For Website

Benefits of using Cloud Shared Hosting For Website

  • High-performance hosting solutions at a budget price
  • Help to get your website online super quick without setup
  • Full separated server customization
  • Simple to set up for any systems, CMS and development
  • Technical expertise is not required, as the company will handle it for you

Furthermore, the benefits of using cloud shared hosting for a website is the level of Scalability that traditional hosting can’t do it. Cloud hosting companies providing virtual space on-demand, as-needed. They can add more resources (computer server) as they like, and you can upgrade your cloud hosting package according to your needs. This means it offers a greater degree of scalability, performance, robustness, and reliability for any website hosted in a cloud infrastructure.

Overall Benefits by Using Cloud Shared Hosting

Servers configured in cloud environment gets the benefits of multiple servers, ensuring better performance. To put it simply, if there is an instant rise in web traffic, it can utilize resources not just from a single server, rather from all the servers within the cloud. One of the most popular cloud hosting is Google Cloud Platform. Consider using GCP and learn how to reduce its cost to effectively manage to spend.

Now, I think you have understood what cloud hosting is and how it differs from traditional hosting in more detail. I hope you found something valuable and enjoyed reading the blog. If you think there are some other things to consider, then let us know in the comments below!

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