How to Choose The Best Managed Security Service Provider

How to Choose Managed Security Service Provider

How to Choose Managed Security Service Provider? With the rising demand for digitization, the use of digital technologies has increased. Digital technology ensures more agility and flexibility. Data conversion services also helping enterprises in their digital transformation. It works by transforming paper-based data into electronic form. New technologies enable better leveraging of data for business growth.

Digital transformation offers various opportunities as well as challenges. A common challenge is ensuring security of data. As per a recent survey by Fortinet, 85% of chief information security officers view security issues related to digital transformation as having a somewhat to extremely large effect on their companies. To ensure security of data, businesses can consider managed security outsourcing.

What Is Managed Security Services Provider Responsibilities?

Managed Security Service Provider Roles Responsibilities

Managed security services roles and responsibilities include outsourced monitoring, management of your security systems, also keeping any devices secured. It is a systematic approach to managing an organization’s security needs. The services may be conducted in-house or outsourced to a service provider.

An outsourced managed security services provider (MSSP) offers access to trained manpower and skill sets to monitor and mitigate threats constantly and also ensure regulatory compliance. Although MSSPs provide various advantages, it is important to choose the right provider.  Selecting an MSSP requires an evaluation process to pick the right one and here are some tips to choose the right provider :

Tips to Choose the Right Managed Security Service Provider

Tips To Choose The Best Managed Security Service Provider

MSSPs are an invaluable resource for businesses that want to maximize their network security. Apart from extensive knowledge and experience, managed security service providers have tools and resources that an in-house cyber security team may not have. However, before you start choosing any provider, learn how to choose a good managed security service provider from these tips.

1. Technical Capabilities

The first and foremost thing is to check on the existing documenting requirements and then look at the specific skill of the provider which includes skills like database security, perimeter firewalls, forensics, SIEM expertise, DLP, IPS, end point security, etc. In some industries such as healthcare it is important to hire an MSSP that has some experience in understanding the unique requirements and check whether they can meet the industry standards such as CISSP (Certified Information System Security Professional) or CHFI (Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator) and other protocols.

2. Multi Platform Customer service

Make sure that the chosen MSSP has a web service that can be used by the customer to raise queries. It will useful if the MSSP has automated ability to issue alerts based on standard deviations and thresholds, and identify and analyze huge volumes of data to estimate likely threats from false positives.

MSSP Solid Responsibilities Policy

3. Solid Responsibilities and Policies

Make sure that MSSP has well documented policies for each and every process like intrusion detection, training, systems integration. The documentation must be clear about the standard incident response process and measures taken in case of a data breach.

4. Security Service Level Agreements

Service Level Agreement (SLA) with security providers must have initiatives for security and privacy breaches. It should include monitoring, management and reporting. It must also have approaches taken for bug fixes, patch management and major software updates. Also check for any penalty clause for breach of specific SLAs. Other factors that you should consider are standard support hours, time to respond to critical incidents, ability to support and supported channels like chat, web, mail etc.

5. Provides Detailed Reports Weekly Or Monthly

Reports provided by the MSSP must have the correct information that can determine trends and also find the root cause of data breaches and intrusions. Reports can also be used for complying with legislation or laws. MSSPs must also ideally provide an enterprise with a detailed monthly or weekly report with insights obtained from security logs, bandwidth utilization, anti-virus reports, etc.

10 Top Managed Security Service Provider

10 Top Managed Security Service Provider Companies

A vendor who provides managed network and other security services is called a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP). According to SoftwareTestingHelp – Top 15 Best MSSPs, these are the best MSSP :

  1. ScienceSoft : Security Strategy Design, Incidents Prevention
  2. SecureWorks : Network Monitoring, Vulnerability Management
  3. IBM :  Cloud Computing, Banking & Finance, Vulnerability scanning
  4. Verizon : Security Analysis, In-Depth Inspection
  5. Symantec : Cyber Defense, Advanced Threat Protection
  6. Trustwave : Threat Management, Compliance Management
  7. AT&T : Private Intranet Protect, Web application firewall
  8. BT : Fixed Line Services, Real-Time Threat Monitoring
  9. Wipro : Unified Threat Management, Product Engineering
  10. BAE Systems : Complete Security Monitoring, Endpoint Detection

Benefits of Using Managed Security Services Provider

With managed security services, companies can access large teams of experienced security professionals for a fraction of the cost of hiring them internally. However, for you to implement an effective managed security service, it is important to have your entire documents digitized and all data streamlined.

The first step is to hire a data conversion service provider for digital transformation. Then move on to a managed security service provider. Also learn Why Managed Service Provider Is Needed For Business?

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