Important Factors Before Choosing Cloud Hosting Provider

8 Factors Before Choosing Cloud Hosting Provider

Are you planning to take your offline business online or want to showcase hobby to the world? Well, you need a domain name and website for sure! A domain name can be a name of your business or activity you carry out by yourself or company. It is basically a URL which is hosted on the Cloud Shared Hosting. However, there are several important factors before choosing cloud hosting provider for your business.

Although, it is completely depends on your choice. However, it is recommended to go for annual web hosting plans which are generally cheaper. Furthermore, it will eliminates the hassle of monthly billing for you.

When you are looking for a domain name and hosting service provider you have to be sure if they are providing the best in class services. One of the most needed feature for your business is free SSL Certificate to increase SEO google rankings.

Customer Services and Technical Support

Customer service and technical support is an important feature to considder while choosing cloud hosting provider. As you can face many issues with your website at any point of time, therefore, the company’s technical support should be reachable via telephone, email, live chat or support ticket at 24×7.

Good Offers, Deals, and Discount

Generally, a good web hosting company providdes nice offers and great deals intermittently during holiday season. You can grab this offers to save on some money. The idea of shared cloud hosting is one such facility available to get many advantages within a limited budget.

Important Factors Choosing Hosting Website

The Uptime Assurance For Service

Nowadays, many cloud hosting solution providers calim to be providing up to 99% uptime, but there’s always a catch. Look for their server stats or reviews to ensure their claim is genuine and not the otherwise.

Number Of Years In The Business

People In this business since long can be trusted, as you ain’t going for any random scam company to host your website, your money is in safe hands.

Free SSL Ceritifcate Helps Better SEO Rankings

Several web hosting providers offer free SSL certificates or very cheap SSL to secure your website. It is highly recommended to have an SSL certificate on your website. This can helps in better ranking on the Google Search Engine as it one of the most important factor for SEO.

Security Factors Before Choosing Hosting

Cloud Hosting Security Matters

With highly advanced technology, the shortcomings are also large. As the data on the web servers are not too safe always and the hackers can have access to them if they want. With dedicated web hosting servers, the chances of data theft or malware attacks are obviously less. But what about Cloud Shared hosting?

More Availability and Scalability Options

As your business growing up, you need to consider about how the cloud hosting provider handles traffic. These can be a time during your business person where you may not need many hosting features or services, but a higher plan to suit your traffic needs.

Customizations Options For Web Hosting

Who doesn’t want to customize their web hosting settings according to their needs? Such as its PHP configuration, Handler type, Modules and etc. Back in the few years, we would have the customizing option available only in the dedicated web hosting servers. But today, every Cloud Shared Hosting provided has given us many freedom to edit settings accordingly.

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