How to Maintain WordPress Security

How to Maintain WordPress Website Security

As we all are aware of the fact that WordPress has now become the most powerful and strong CMS platform. Due to its popularity and flexibility it has become the most sensitive platform too. Hackers key target are the platforms which are in the mainstream and are crowd-pleasing. So, your WordPress security is the prior thing that should hit the top of your priority list. As you have paid so many efforts and hard work, it is your sole responsibility to learn how to maintain WordPress website security from any harmful activities.

An old proverb said – “an ounce of prevention is worth the pound of cure”. It is always better that you should implement the security measure to your site on a prior basis. In this article, you will get to know about the security tips that you must definitely follow. If you follow these five tips, the chances of you becoming a victim of some brutal hackers or uncertainties become very low.

Choose The Best Hosting Provider For WordPress Security

Choose Best Hosting To Maintain WordPress Security

As the data on the website servers are not too safe from hackers. You need to choose the best hosting provider for wordpress security. In the previous article, I have written 8 Important Factors Before Choosing Cloud Hosting Providers. One of those factors is obviously, security matters!

Avoid Using “Admin” As Your Username

The first important thing that you should take care of is to never use admin as your username. It provides an easy way for hackers to break the walls and enter into your site. Avoid using the default name. Make sure you keep a strong username which is very hard to crack.

Use A Super Strong Admin Passwords

Use Strong Password To Maintain WordPress Security

Solid passwords are the key. You should always secure your WordPress site by keeping firm passwords. Your passwords should be lengthy and contain both uppercase and lowercase. Your password should be unique and not include your personal details. Also, keep changing your passwords from time to time.

Up To Date WordPress Version

Another most important tip to secure your WordPress is to update it on a regular basis. If you want to maintain your wordpress website, you should update your WordPress files to the latest version. When you perform updates daily it automatically fixes vulnerabilities. The developers launch new updates and introduce new versions to keep your website up to date and secure. Always make sure whenever an update alert is shown on your screen. You update it. Being updated itself lowers the risk of being hacked.

Always Make Website Backup

Although you have put all the security measures, still your WordPress is open to threats. It is very important to have a full backup of your site so that if anything goes wrong you can easily restore your whole database and files. Backup your site time to time. WordPress provides many plugins to handle automatic backup. You can use Duplicator Plugin or do a manual backup by using FTP and PHPmyadmin. Learn how to backup wordpress site manually now.

Delete Unused Plugins and Themes

Remove Unused Plugins WordPress Security

If you use too many plugins in your website. They could affect the website performance and security. If you want to maintain your website, remove the plugins that you don’t need. Also, you need to delete unused themes from your WordPress theme directory to block any loopholes.

Frequently Optimize Website Database

Clearing database tables after you have deleted a plugin or a theme will help to optimise your database leading to improve website speed. You can use many free plugins available on the internet. One of them is WP Optimize Plugin that has features to optimize your database.

Focus On Your Site’s Security

If you want to secure your site from hackers and other security threats, you need to install a reliable security plugin. You can use many free security plugins from WordPress repositories. For example, iThemes Security Plugins, Wordfence Security, SecuPress Free, All In One WP Security & Firewall, etc.

These were the seven major tips that you should consider to maintain your WordPress security. Your website is your asset and you own responsibility. Keep it safe and sound.

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